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Fund subscriptions are processed every Finnish banking day by Dividend House Oy. Subscriptions can be made by transferring money for the subscription to the fund’s bank account and by submitting the signed subscription form to the Fund Management Company. In the text field of a money transfer customer’s name and ID-number or Corporate ID must be stated.

If the subscription order and money are received before 12.00 a.m. Finnish time, the date and price are those of the same banking day.

Minimum subscription  is EUR 5000. A confirmation of the subscription will be sent to the customer.

Subscription accounts

Dividend House Nordic Small Cap
IBAN: FI12 8129 9710 0140 36, BIC: DABAFIHH

Dividend House European Small Cap
IBAN: FI70 8129 9710 0139 62 , BIC: DABAFIHH

Dividend House Global Aristocrats
IBAN: FI98 8129 9710 0142 34, BIC: DABAFIHH

New customer

Before the first subscription Dividend House must identify the customer. For identification we kindly ask you to send us a signed copy of our customer form (private persons or companies and institutions). For private persons we also ask you to provide us a copy of an attested ID. For companies and institutions we ask you to deliver a copy of a certificate of registration and and a copy of a valid passport(s) for the person(s) representing the company.

Fund series and dividend

Fund units are divided in to dividend-series (A) and growth-series (B). For dividend-series a dividend is paid each year, the amount for the dividend is decided by the annual general meeting of the unitholders.


Redemption of fund units must be made in writing by using our redemption form or with an informal letter. The letter must contain the fund’s name, number of units or amount (in EUR) to be redeemed, customer’s information details and signature. If fund units are accompanied with written certificate of ownership, redemption is accepted when the certificate is returned to the fund management company.

If the redemption order is received at the Fund Management Company before 12.00 Finnish time on a Finnish banking day, the redemption date and price are those of the same banking day.

Proceeds from the transaction are paid to the customer’s bank account on the following banking day of the redemption day, given the fund has sufficient cash balance to fulfill the transaction.

A confirmation of the redemption will be sent to the customer.

Fund Fees

Fund company charges subscription and redemption fees on fund transactions and a management fee.

Subscription fee max 2 %

Redemption fee 1 %

Management fee Nordic fund 1,7 %

Management fee Global Aristocrats fund 1,8 %

Management fee European fund 1,9 %

Management fee is calculated and deducted daily of value of the fund. Therefore the management fee is included in the reported daily unit value of the fund. Management fee includes the compensation for the custodian.