The entrepreneurial and experienced people at Dividend House serve retail investors, businesses and institutions that seek steady and predictable returns on their assets.

Customer service and sales

​Sales Director​
p. +358 (0)40 158 2699

Tuomas is responsible for sales and comprehensive customer relationship management.

Sales Director
p. +358 (0)50 376 0597

​Ritva is responsible for customer relationships in the Pirkanmaa region.​

Sales Director
p. +358 (0)40 770 2607

Ville is responsible for customer relations and other sales and marketing tasks.

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Portfolio management

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager​
p. +358 (0)40 829 5991

In addition to the CEO role, Aarni also works as a portfolio manager.

Portfolio Manager
p. +358 (0)40 538 6931

Antti is responsible for portfolio management.

Päivi Kangas

Director, IVH Kampus
p. +358 (0)40 756 9189

Päivi is fully responsible for IVH Campus’s operational operations and customer relations in Lappeenranta.

Tiina Lensu

Property Manager, IVH Kampus
p. +358 (0)40 754 6488

Tiina’s responsibilities include IVH Campus property technical maintenance and partner network management.


Administration Director
p. +359 (0)44 0777 449

Pirjo is responsible for the administration of Dividend House – including: reporting, licensing matters and maintaining an insider register.

Back office
p. +358 (0)10 322 1530

Pauli’s responsibilities include day-to-day administration, such as fund valuation and trading.

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