European Small Cap

Among the small and medium sized companies there are companies that meet all of these criteria and with excellent growth prospects. Thus, the long-term yield potential is promising.

However, the predictability of earnings for small and medium-sized companies is weaker than for large companies, and the stock price sport is also stronger as a result.

Performance history and investment breakdown

European Small Cap


Dividend paid

In a-series dividends are paid annually to the customer’s account. In b-series dividends are reinvested within the fund.

Land breakdown of investments

Donitsi01 - European Small Cap

Sector breakdown of investments

Donitsi02 - European Small Cap

Fund Intorduction

Dividend House European Small Cap invests its assets in equities of small and medium-sized European listed companies. We use the strict criteria of our investment philosophy in selecting our stock and believe that the portfolio of quality dividend companies will outperform the European stock market in the long run. We recommend the fund to investors with a long investment horizon. The value of the fund may fluctuate significantly in the short term.

Antti Lahtinen, Portfolio Manager

The historical performance of the Fund is not a guarantee of future performance. The value of the investment may rise or fall and the investor may lose the assets invested.