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Dividend House

The Old School Investor

Dividend House is a Finnish investment fund company, established in 2009.  As an independent player we are not tied to banks or insurance companies.

The idea of the company was originated from our observation that there were no fund companies focused solely on dividend investing. Our investment philosophy is traditional, well-established and valued by both high-wealth individuals and institutions. Yet there has been no investment fund company in Europe focused on dividend investing prior to the launch of our company. Inspired by our history in dividend investing we wanted to seize the opportunity to set up a fund company offering our clients this classic alternative.

Another observation has to do with portfolio management and its role in the company. We believe firmly that portfolio management should be a key function that is supported by other functions. In the sales-driven world of financial products our way of thinking represents the minority. We are proud of the very cornerstone of our business: a target-oriented, high-quality portfolio management.


Risto Päivänsalo
Risto PäivänsaloManaging director
Portfolio Manager, Partner
MSc(Eng) in Industrial Economics
p. 040 522 2309
Antti Lahtinen
Portfolio Manager, Partner
Tuomas Hillukkala
Tuomas Hillukkala
Head of Sales
p. 040 158 2699
Ville Terhemaa
Ville Terhemaa
Head of Sales
p. 040 770 2607
Pirjo Koivisto
Pirjo Koivisto
Head of Administration
MSc in Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration
p. 044 0777 449
Miikka Salminen
Miikka Salminen
Back office
Bachelor of Business Administration
p. 040 7169 035

Core values


Customer oriented approach – our clients’ needs and long-term interest guide all our actions.

Dynamics – our investment philosophy is classic and long-range but we encourage our staff to have an active and creative approach – we are the forerunner of dividend investing.

Ethicality – we operate honestly, candidly and openly.


We create wealth for our clients through long-range dividend investing. Our services are transparent and reliable.


Our vision is to grow into an internationally known and reputable fund company.